Week 10

I wrote 7 posts and they all were set by the challenge. The post I enjoyed writing the most was the nature post because I like to be out in the nature. I changed my blog theme once. Only because I thought it looked cool. I don’t have any widgets. I don’t have any over seas students on my blogroll. I didn’t use any web tools.

Nature Week 7

Nature can be beautiful at times but at other times it’s a disaster. There are many examples of parts of nature that can be pretty. Here are some: sunsets, rivers/bodies of water, mountains, this isn’t really beautiful but tornadoes. Tornadoes are not pretty but they are pretty cool to learn about. Some f the animals in nature are very fun to look at and learn about.

One of the animals I am going to talk about is a deer. Where I am from I didn’t see deer that much because there isn’t that many patches of trees. When I got up here I saw deer everywhere and I thought it was cool that you could see them anywhere. It took me a while to realize that a deer with horns is the male and the other without any horns is obviously going to be the female. Some things you might not know about deer is that males (buck) grow new antler each year. Fawns witch are babies usually starting walking about half an hour after birth. They also will stay with their mother for about a year. Most deer are born with with white spots but lose them within a year.

This isn’t something in nature it’s something you do in nature. My family loves to camp when we have the time. We didn’t have the time to go camping this year because of the big move and we have had lots of stuff to do.


Week 6 Commenting

Anjali bloggingwithanjali.edublogs.org She is from Australia, she is 11 and she likes to read and do outdoorsy stuff.

Rebbecca 6rebeccab.edublogs.org She is from the USA, she is also 11 and she likes football and soccer.

Kaylee kayleevpa.edublogs.org She likes socializing and art.

Kaitlyn nrarunner.edublogs.org She is from  Canada. She likes to run.

Jennifer jennifer217.edublogs.org I think it is pretty cool that she is from Veitnam.

Tilton https://tilton.edublogs.org He is from Japan.

Tyler tylermz13.edublogs.org He is from Canada.

Rhea rheaw06.edublogs.org She is from Australia.

Teagan teaganw06.edublogs.org He likes the wilderness.

Bella bellaw06.edublogs.org She likes sports and running.

Food that is popular to my family

Food that’s popular in my family is Chinese. Chicken fried rice is our favorite food to eat from Chinese places. Before we came to Iowa we had all out family over to help us try new ideas. My mom every year for Christmas and thanksgiving makes home made egg rolls. We never know what’s in them. One year my dad made sweet and sour chicken. The sauce was a little to sour.

This last favorite food my family likes to eat isn’t really a specific food it’s more like a meal. This meal consists of steak(or any type of meat we have at the time), mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and corn bread. We have this meal when hunting season starts. We invite our aunts, uncles, and cousins over. Back in Kansas we tried to have a bonfire on this night.

This is kinda what chicken fried rice looks like when my mom makes it.

My favorite time with my family

One of the favorite times I have had with family was when we went to our dad’s cousins farm. We lived in Salina and the farm is in Ellsworth. We were in the car for about an hour or so. When we got there his cousins kids showed us the horses,chickens, and ducks. I’m pretty sure that there were more. Eventually we wanted to ride the horses. All of us had to help catch the horses. When we got close they ran away from us. We caught them eventually. My dad rode the experienced horse and we got to ride the one that is for beginers. We took turns on that horse. The horses were easy to ride.

After the horses got put away we ate some lunch. What we had was corn on the cob, ham, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. My brother noticed that they had baby chickens in a cage inside the house. He also noticed that they had a big bunny and 2 smaller bunnies in a cage. We got to hold the bunnies and the chickens. So after the adults were done eating ;we went back outside. Then they pulled out the four wheelers and rode them around the farm. My dad and brother were on one and me, my sister and mom were on the other. We went to the corn field and raced each other. my sister, mom and me won. Eventually the four wheelers started to over heated so we had to let them cool down a little.

My sister, me and our brother went down to the river that is by their house to see what we could find. We couldn’t really find anything but a dead snake. After we came back from the river we had to leave. We all agreed that it was a fun day.

This is kind of what the white horse looked like.

About Me

My name is Brianna. I have 2 dogs and a cat.  I moved here from Salina Kansas over the summer. We moved here because we have a lot of family up here that me and my siblings haven’t met.  Some things I like to do is be outside, play in the mud, go mudding. I like to go fishing sometimes.